Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edamame Mash

I've had Edamame before.  I like Edamame.  I always have.  I've just never had an Edamame mash before.
I've seen recipes for it.  Been curious.  Seen many different versions of it.  So I figured since I made Goose.
I'd make use of the flavor laced fat I had received from baking the shred goose the second time around.

The containers say "Goose Fat + 5 Spice + Sage" and the second says "Goose Stock"....Yes, I'm aware my handwriting is like chicken scratch.....
I boiled the Edamame for approx 10 minutes while skinning 3 red potatoes.  Once the Edamame was boiled, I put them in the food processor....While adding a some goose fat and stock to the mix.....Once that was mixed to desired consistency...Oh and I had the potatoes cut and boiling at this time as well...
I put the Edamame mash (part 1) into another bowl and put the red potatoes into the food processor as I slowly drizzled heavy whipping cream into the mix....
After awhile I reverted back to my still warm stock pot and used an old fashioned potato masher

I mashed and mixed away.

And this was the result.

I think it could use more Edamame....  But I also think the flavor laced goose fat and stock slightly over powered the Edamame mash.

However.  The following day I had the goose and the Edamame mash together. 


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