Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday the boyfriend had unprepared me for a spur of the moment trip to Ricobene's.  What I mean by that is....I had eaten a few hours before and was completely unprepared for what was laid ahead of me.  

The Ricobene's that we were to eat as was located in Bridgeport in the city, which was the original Ricobene's.  My boyfriend had told me how much he enjoyed it and how he could eat a large king size Ricobene's steak sandwich.  I just 'ahhh'ed at what he had to say.  He had also said how much more he had enjoyed it when they were family owned and not as spread out company wise.

I did want to try some tho' and I had him order it for me.  

What I have pictured here is a dry breaded steak sandwich with mozzarella with a choice of peppers added to it.  They would traditionally dip the whole thing in marinara sauce.  I had ordered mine to the side.

I had taken two bites and instantaneously full and taken the leftovers home.

I had the reheated version instead.  I found it delicious.
Would I recommend it?  Maybe on a full stomach.  Would I go again?  Yes.  Why?  I remember reading that it's best to visit a place 3 different times to get a full feel of the place.  So, why not.  I'd go again.

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