Sunday, October 3, 2010

Affairs Of The Heart

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Love and food go hand in hand, as in my experience, I 'show' my love through food.  Nevermind that I love food to begin with but I love to share it with the people I love.  But what do you do when you just hit that emotional wall that just stops you from doing what you love?  Or stopped you from what you once loved?

I remember a few weeks ago that the boyfriend and I were at an apple orchard and we were talking about cooking.  You see, his father left his mother when my boyfriend turned 18 and she turned into a bachelorette for the next 15 or so years.  

His mother used to cook a lot when he was growing up and he enjoyed her cooking, as every child tends to love their parent's cooking.  But when his father left her.....  She stopped cooking.  Or specifically speaking....According to the boyfriend...She stopped cooking well.  She lost her touch.  Even though she has a new boyfriend...Things just weren't what the were.

I know that I'm 28 and I have much to learn.  I have hit that wall before.  I couldn't cook the way that I wanted to, and I couldn't work out without breaking down.  What do you do when you put your heart and soul into...Say a relationship....And you lost your touch?

I know, that when I had hit that low (although not quite at the same level), it took me a lot of time to regain myself.  To build myself up again.  What was the first dish you cooked?  I know for me it was my macaroni and cheese.  

That was probably the dish for me because that was one of the very first dishes I had made.  No, I'm not talking from the box.  I'm not talking about using Velveeta either.  I use real cheese, and every version is never the same.  I had used Fannie Farmer 13th Edition Paperback by Marion Cunningham as a general guideline in making my macaroni and cheese.  

I hope to never lose my touch with cooking.  I hope to always have it with me through all of life's instances.

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  1. a dork & his pork recommended your blog.

    this is a thought provoking post. i hope to never lose my touch either.

    i think if i ever reach that point, baking would be a good balm for a wounded heart. it's exact, it's methodical and it's something you can control. and i've made my grandma's wonton soup hung over before & despite the lurching stomach, i stood in my kitchen and plugged away, and it was bearable.