Monday, March 7, 2011

Dating and Cooking

Admittedly.  I'm on a dating site.

And yes, I do love to cook.  Notably duck.  The past few dates I've gone on, I've made note that they (the guys) expect me to cook them 'fresh' duck when I have a perfectly good duck in the freezer.

I'm sorry but I prefer to utilize the resources that I have.  

Now, these guys that I've been on dates with have also told me that they do not know how to cook duck.

So if they expect me to cook them 'fresh' meat why don't they go ahead roam around in the forest and bring some for me if that's the way they want it.

If I can cook it and they can't.  I believe they're better off shutting their traps about it.  

My cooking is something that is earned.  I'm sorry, but I cook from the heart.
If they think that they deserve fresh duck....They should go ahead and hunt it thankyouverymuch.  Hunt, gut, and bring it to me.

I am by no means the richest person in the world, I do not like wasting food. I try not to waste money on food.

These fellows that I've been on dates with clearly do not know how to cook, and clearly think of money like water and probably treat food like water.

Americans (in general) have been wasting food for decades.

I'm not about to follow that path knowing the concerns that I have of my own.  

If they do not know how to cook something, they are better off not dictating how or where the product is gotten, made etc.  

Duck is not cheap.  It's not cheap to me.  

But of course, with that said, these dates that have said what they said...  Deserve where they are.  Why?

They don't deserve the fact that I utilize what I have, that I treasure my food...And you just aren't given my cooking.  

It's earned.  Why?  It comes from the heart. 

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