Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ohhh Halva

I had wandered into a local grocery store that I've been obscenely curious about since driving btw my house and car repair shop.  I walked into the small packed store and came across an array of Indian and Greek products.  One of which is Halva.

They had flavors of pistachio, chocolate and vanilla....I picked vanilla.

This would be the first time I've had Halva...Probably won't be the last as I know that you can do many things with it.  
When I broke it off into chunks...As I've read that depending on the kind of Halva, it could come out like a spread or have a crumbly texture to it.  Either way it could be eaten alone or with other things.  The brand itself is Middle Eastern (Syrian).
When I bit into the crumbly cube, it was somewhat sticky, sweet and I could taste the sesame.  At first I found it too sticky sweet...But a few hours later I found myself grabbing some more.  
I may possibly be looking into creating recipes with this....

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