Sunday, July 17, 2011

Century Year Old Egg

Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.  ~Walt Kelly

Growing up Taiwanese, my mother would make Congee, and with that she would have Pork FlossSeitan and many other things.  While I loved the pork floss, the seitan and everything else.  I could not bring myself to even pick up the Century Year Old Egg.

My mother on the other hand, would pick it up happily and use her chopsticks to break it down into her congee.

Century Year Old Egg is simply a fermented egg which was brined in salts, calcium hydroxide, and sodium carbonate.  Now I have read that other people have complained of smells.  Which mine did not.  There was no lead involved in the making of the eggs that I had purchased.

When I had cut the egg into slices and I licked the knife (it wasn't a big one, and yes it is a safety hazard and no, I would not recommend others to do this at home)...My eyes widened in amazement that I actually liked them.....And no, I never really thought I would.

Every time I had seen them in the Asian markets...I would look at it and think...."Do I want this?  Do I have the gall to try this?  What if I don't like this?  What will I do with the extra eggs?"....As they came in packages.  I contemplated this over and over.

Now I'm glad I did try it.  Heck, I'm glad I actually like it.  Once one gets past the look of it...I say why not.  Go for it.

As it is I'm working on acquiring my taste to other foods....Because let's face it...Who doesn't like a challenge?

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