Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I had first come across Mago at a random moment in the Bolingbrook Promenade.
The restaurant was very festive and the staff exceptional.
As most 'critics' would do, they would go three times which is exactly what I chose to do.

The outside of Mago is very colorful and festive in bright oranges, yellows and rich reds.  They had two sides of outdoor seating and an open floor.  More often then once I have seen the Chef walk around the front of the house to inspect that all his customers were happy and all was going smooth in the front of the house.

The staple that they do when one arrives to the table is some chips and three different types of salsa.  One is a particular type guacamole and lime, another that is a bright orange and also another that is a dark red.  All three salsas play with your tongue....Although the third time I had arrived at the restaurant the salsas seemed more spicy then the last two.

The first time I had gone I had the 3 samplings of ceviches.  

Camaron – Citrus marinated shrimp, plum tomato, green olives, jalapenos, cilantro, avocado and spicy tomato sauce
Mojarra – lime marinated tilapia roasted bell peppers jicama cilantro lime vinaigrette
Atun – Citrus marinated ahi tuna, plum tomato, red onions, mangos, habaneros, cilantro and passion fruit juice

Out of the three I most enjoyed the Mojarra and the Atun.  
The Mojarra had a comforting tone of the bell peppers, jicama and lime.  The Atun also married quite well with all the spices although the cuts seemed quite a bit large and had to be broken down a bit to be 'picked up' by the chips.

Overall, it was delicious.

The second time I had gone, I and another friend had ordered the Empanada Sampling which consisted of the beef picadillo, chicken tinga, and the tequila shrimp.  Again, all were very good (crisp skin and and all) tho' the favored ones were the chicken tinga and the tequila shrimp.  Simply due to the fact that the tinga and the tequila shrimp had a wonderfully tender and creamy flavor to them.  

This of course, was followed by the Pechuga Azteca, which is a Proscuitto stuffed chicken breast, squash blossom, Asedero cheese, roasted poblano cream sauce and cilantro rice.

The entree itself was a good size.  I was slowly getting full from the empanada samplings but knew I had enough room for more.  The chicken was oh so tender and the sauce.  Oh my gosh, the cream sauce.  It was so rich, and utterly, addictingly delectable.  The sauce itself was beyond amazing.  Unfortunately I couldn't finish it all and brought it home....And it was still just as good the next day.  

The third time I had gone, I had decided to just have the Pastor taco.  It was perfect in the simplification of the dish.  It was topped with simply cilantro and onion....As it should be in my opinion.   The meat simply fell off when bitten into.  The flavors were savory and again, went well with all things combined.  

I should note that what comes w/ the entrees is tortilla soup.  It has bits of beef, chicken and all things that go into the tortilla soup.  I wish I could describe it more....Not to say it wasn't memorable.  But again, it was equally good.

I ended the meal with Capirotada as suggested by the waitress.  It was a huge slice.  The picture I have does not do the bread pudding justice.  The bananas were crisp from the caramelization while the bread pudding itself was rich and cake like.  Since the slice was so huge, I ended up taking the rest of that home as well and intend on savoring the rest of it tomorrow.  

With all three meals I had, had the Guava Caipirinia, which consists Cachaca Brazillian rum, lime juice, sugar...Although the Guava Caipirinia one would obviously have guava juice in it.  I did have the original however the Guava Caipirinia bowled me over.  I mean, all it did was basically taste like guava and it went down like water.   Every time that it was made, it came out perfectly.  It's since become my favorite drink at this location.  

While I realize that this place is and can be pricey.   I find it well worth it overall.  Yes, the tacos are pricey at 3 for 10 when one can get just as good tacos in the city for cheap....I will be good and not name the other 'fast food' taco place in the city....The service is great, the quality is outstanding, and the restaurant itself is fantastic.

The staff has been nothing but informative and helpful.  In fact, one of the waitresses...Who serviced me the first time had recognized me each and every time I've gone.  

Personally, I love this restaurant, and I love the food.  

I have had nothing but happy foodgasms since eating and drinking from there.  

Mago Grill & Cantina
641 E Bolingbrook Rd., Suite 152
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

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