Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lactose Free Cottage Pie

I happened to have cauliflower in my fridge...And the guest that I had over evidently was not a fan of this vegetable - as well as being lactose intolerant.  So I figured I'd blend two and two together and make it so that the guest could NOT figure out that there was no cauliflower and no milk products in this cottage pie.

So I boiled some yellow potatoes and the cauliflower together...Added some rice milk and vegan butter then proceeded to blend the potatoes and cauliflower into 

I then used my cast iron skillet, that still had residual duck fat on it (as I had cooked duck breasts on it not too long ago), browned a meatloaf mixture of beef and pork and added onion and garlic seasoning to it (as I had no actual onion or garlic on hand...And didn't think about it til much later).  While it browned I heated the frozen vegetables and put in Pomi's strained tomatoes and as well as some worcestershire sauce.

I then placed the meat mixture on the bottom and topped it with the cauliflower-potato mixture and heated the oven for approximately 350 degrees for about half an hour or until the crust got a nice tan color to it.

Outcome?  The guest loved it.

Listed below are the ingredients.

Residual Duck Fat
Rice Milk
Vegan butter
white potatoes
Meatloaf mixture (beef and pork)
Frozen vegetables

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