Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chicken Stock Using Chicken Feet

Fall is in the air.  
I tend to have a love....dislike relationship with fall.  The reason for that is because it reminds me of winter, which means snow.

On top of that, I'm all out of chicken stock.  I always try to keep stock on hand no matter what.  I've got a chest freezer full of duck stock, pheasant stock, veal stock, and pork stock.  

Luckily I also always keep a container of chicken feet on hand.  Now I know that people tend to have a "ewww feet" approach to it but you really can get the best stock out of chicken feet.  It's delicious.  

Chicken feet can be found at just about any Asian or ethnic market.  I always get mine at my local H Mart.

Once defrosted, I rinsed them and I took off the dark, dirty spots off the skin of the chicken feet and in the water they went!  

I did not add mirepoix because I like the idea of being 'flexible' in my use of the stock.   

Mirepoix is a very basic aromatic that is commonly celery, carrots and onions.  Sometimes people use leeks in place of the onion.  However a conversation on mirepoix should and will be saved for another day and another entry.  

Is this the first time I've cooked stock with chicken feet?  No.
Although I will say I've had chicken feet before as it is often used as a 'snack' in Asian households...So I'm not very squeamish about it at all.

I let the chicken feet simmer for 4 hours and then I was met with liquid gold!


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